Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanksgiving desserts: Joy of Desserts' 70+ recipe bonanza

Thanksgiving will be here all too quickly, so it's time to start planning your menus.  Of course there will be the tried and true favorites which we all have and cannot have Thanksgiving dinner without.  But in our family we also always try a few new dishes each year, just so that the holiday doesn't get boring and stale with the same old, same old.

Here is a list of more than 70 recipes full of fall flavors, and just perfect for gracing your Thanksgiving dining tables.  Just click on the links.

Have fun planning,

Pecan Pumpkin Pie Recipe
Pumpkin Pie - Home Shopper/Flickr

Pumpkin Custard
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Jam
Caramel Pumpkin Brownie Trifle

Shoo-fly Pie
Prize-winning Ginger Cheese Muffins
Spice Muffins
Sour Cream Cookies
Spice Cake

Apple Breakfast Bread
Apple Fluff Pie
Easy Apple Brown Betty
Makes Its Own Crust Apple Pie
Fast, Easy Brie En Croute Apple Compote Dessert
French Apple Tart
Tartes Tatin (2 recipes -- French Caramelized Upside-Down Apple Pies)
Applesauce Kugel

Pear Banana Compote
Pears with Crackling Caramel Sauce (easy microwave recipe)
Quick and Easy Stuffed Pears
La Poire Façon Belle Hélène, Café Troisgros, Shinjuku
Poire Belle Helene - yuichi.sakuraba/Flickr
Tasty, Fast, Easy Pears Belle Helene
Warm Caramelized Pears With Clove Zabaglione

Caramel, Maple and Molasses
Caramel Apple Dip (also great with pears)
Molasses Cookies
Nectar Cake
Crackling Caramel Sauce (easy microwave recipe)
Warm Caramelized Pears With Clove Zabaglione Recipe
Prize-Winning Baked Caramel Custard
Caramel Pumpkin Brownie Trifle
Maple Coffee Ice Cream
Maple Parfait

Chocolate Whipped Cream Cupcakes
Chocolate Chiffon Pie
Chocolate Cupcakes
Julia Child's Chocolate Mousse
Honey Fudge and Raisin Fudge
Morton's Godiva Hot Chocolate Cake
Mars Chocolate Bars Brownies
Paul Newman's Favorite Orange Chocolate Angel Food Cake
Chocolate Brownies
Prize-Winning Chocolate Pudding
Chocolate Fruit Pudding
10-Minute Scrumptious Chocolate Cake Surprise

Nuts and Dried Fruits
Chocolate and Mocha Gateau
Mocha Cake - All about craft/Flickr
Pecan Date Raisin Bread
Rolled Figs
Nectar Cake
Mocha Cake with Coffee Butter Icing
Sour Cream Cookies
Raisin Cake
Raisin Fudge
Prize-Winning Date Macaroons
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

More Tasty Desserts
First American Pound Cake
Mocha Cake with Coffee Butter Icing
Quick Coffee Cake
Upside-Down Cake
Julia Child's Cream Cheese and Lemon Flan
Honey Fudge
Victoria Fudge
Custard Sauce or Creme Anglaise
Graham Cracker Cake
Cream Pie, Macaroon Cream Pie, Banana Cream Pie and Pineapple Cream Pie
Brown Sugar Cookies
Cake Icings and Fillings
Gold Cake


  1. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it; you are right, it is never too early to start planning you menu. That is what I am doing. I really enjoyed looking at all of the recipes for desserts on your post. Dessert is the best part of any meal...especially Thanksgiving! I am going to try the pumpkin pie recipe; it seems awfully easy to make. I am always on the hunt for dessert recipes that are easy to make and of course, delicious. I work with Better; if you are in search for the same, check out their Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

  2. Woof! Woof! Golden Thanks for following my blog. My mom LOVES to cook n bake. These are great recipes for the holiday. Will definitely follow your blog. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Thanks, Sugar. You remind me of my own golden. :-) I'm glad your mom also likes my blog. Thanks for following.

    SnoWhite: Thanks! I haven't done a recipe roundup in a while, and this one is all from my own archived recipes here at Joy of Desserts. Enjoy!


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