Monday, April 20, 2009

Joy Of Chocolate Roundup

Joy Of Chocolate Roundup

Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!
It makes us happy, there are plenty of health benefits and most of us can't get enough, so enjoy these marvelous recipes. Be sure to visit the other participants -- it's only polite and you'll get chocolate! :-)

To be added to the roundup, add a comment with your links to your recipes.

Everyone participating with at least one chocolate recipe gets an extra entry in my foodie book giveaway, so go leave an extra comment on the giveaway post (not here!). It's a great book! You'll want to be one of the 5 winners!


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  1. You have been sooooooooooooooooooo busy. Thank you for hosting an awesome round up that everyone can love, I chocaholics flock from around the globe.

  2. ”chocolate doesn’t make the world go around …
    but it certainly makes the ride worthwhile”
    ~ anonymous

  3. Here is another wonderful recipe for Chocolate Bavarian Cream.

  4. Mmmmm... so excited to try out some of these recipes!
    Here's my link:

  5. I've got some chocolate recipes...

    Brownies, baked fudge, chocolate crinkles, chocolate chip zucchini cake and more!

  6. This is great! I'm sorry I missed this round--I just didn't get to make anything (else) chocolate before the deadline--but this is a yummy-looking list of recipes to peruse.

  7. Amanda: Don't think of it so much as a deadline, but rather a first day! Feel free to add your recipes even after today. I'll still add you to the roundup. You'll still get all the Google search traffic. The Google spiders LOVE my blog!! And people will click to your links too.

  8. I'm here to apologize for not posting my Chocolate Mocha Sorbet recipe from the Death By Chocolate book that I wrote a review on. I really had every intention, but my lack of computer skills get in my way sometimes,(I'm an old school blogger) and my teenage tech support wasn't around to assist me. I'm going to try to link to your Vintage Recipes Thursday (tomorrow), but no promises! Thanks for writing such an enjoyable blog.

  9. I just `heart` chocolate.
    Thanks for doing the roundup.
    WOW!! I just looked at your sidebar.
    There are 5421 food blogs.
    I could be looking up recipes forever. :)
    Well, I am going to check on how to enter the giveaways.
    I have my eye on a few.


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