Friday, March 6, 2009

Easy Chocolate Fudgey No Bake Cookies Recipe

We keep hearing on the news and all around our neighborhoods that people are STRESSED because of the economy.
Don't get STRESSED!!

I have for us an Easy Chocolate Fudgey No Bake Cookies Recipe to try out together. What could be easier than NO BAKE? And what could be more delicious and stress-reducing than CHOCOLATE FUDGEY COOKIES?

So relax this week-end and get DESSERTS!! Enjoy!

Pictures from Flickr public files. Click to enlarge and hover for credits.


  1. I knew when I came by I would be in the kitchen trying out a new recipe...I think I need to ask hubby to buy stock in chocolate and sugar. LOL

  2. Thanks Joy, I'll keep that mantra in mind! :)


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