Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vintage strawberry divinity fudge recipe

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I'm keeping with the strawberry theme from yesterday.  I love fruit, and spring and summer's bounty will only get better as the sunshiny days go by.  Time to rejoice with lots of fruit eaten out of hand, and added to all sorts of wonderful desserts, too.

Do you love divinity fudge?  These days making your own is just about the only way you can find it without any corn syrup.  So get yourself a candy thermometer if you are not used to the sugar stages, and go for it.  Don't be afraid.  Be bold. 

Strawberry Divinity Fudge
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup water
1/4 tsp. cream of tartar
1 cup preserved strawberries
2 egg whites

Boil sugar, water, and cream of tartar to firm stage (248 F.).  Add strawberries which have been drained as dry as possible.  Let come to a boil again.  Pour slowly, beating constantly, over stiffly beaten egg whites.  Beat until thick and fluffy.  Pour into well-buttered pans.  When firm cut in squares.  Any thick preserves or candied fruit may be substituted for strawberries.  Phoebe Journey, Stratton, Nebr.

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    1. Joy,
      Thanks for visiting me and signing up as a follower. I am doing the same for you! I am not much of a cook though....Decorating is more my thing!!
      Wonderful looking fudge and i am sure it tastes as good as it looks!!

    2. Joy, It's me again! Am i not seeing where i can sign up to follow you on google? I don't do twitter.

    3. Love the strawberry theme, Joy! Your Thursday 13 pictures are beautiful -
      so is the strawberry fudge.
      Another wonderful Thursday -
      thank you!

    4. Looking good Joy. Loved your WW pictures. Of course I snagged the fudge. I just love fudge.

    5. OMG I love your site! I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed browsing your lovely blog. So thankful you found me so I could find you!
      I could not find your follow button so not sure if you have one or not. If you do let me know so I can follow you...
      You should do a Blogazine story for my site so all my friends can find you.
      I have never had fudge like this. Wow

    6. Thank you for stopping by and adding me as a follower........I will place you in ghe drawing......I am glad you stopped by so now I am a follower of your blog as well. It is just darling. Have a great weekend. XO MARY

    7. Thanks for stopping by .. love the pics of the strawberries!!


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