Friday, August 22, 2008

The Flavor Bible Coming Soon From Hachette

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my review of The Flavor Bible
GIVEAWAY -- 5 copies -- The Flavor Bible

Last week, my birthday brought me luck because all on that day, I found three wonderful offers in my e-mail from publishers and food manufacturers who discovered and liked my blog. There's exciting news coming to this blog soon when we finalize the details. So be on the lookout for special recipes, reviews, giveaways and a new coffee drink.

The publication date for this book is scheduled for Sept. 16, 2008, but here's the glimpse French publisher Hachette (USA Division) sent me to entice me to agree to do a review, and I'll have a special surprise for all of you soon -- you guessed it, there will be a giveaway:

It was written by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, authors of What to Drink With What You Eat, winner of the 2007 IACP “Cookbook of the Year” Award.

Here’s more information about the book and its authors:

Great cooking goes beyond following a recipe—it’s knowing how to season ingredients to coax the greatest possible flavor from them. Drawing on dozens of leading chefs’ combined experience in top restaurants across the country, Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg present the definitive guide to creating “deliciousness” in any dish with THE FLAVOR BIBLE.

Learn more about THE FLAVOR BIBLE.

Learn more about Karen and Andrew at their site:


  1. This looks so interesting. Food is all about the seasoning to me so I know I will enjoy it!

  2. Oh, how exciting about the contacts you have made that offer some changes and new fun things for your site. I can't wait to see what they are!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Tamy: I feel the same way. Flavor is one of the basics in the kitchen and at the table, be it savory or sweet.
    Melanie: Thank you. It is so exciting and fun. I can't wait to share too.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Bonsoir Joy:
    J'ai laissé poru toi un petit cadeau. C'est un beau prix: le prix ou award "Wylde Women and Man Award". Il restera très bien dans ton blog. Merci bien et à bientôt.

  5. an event for icecreams and milkshakes is going in my blog! participate in it!

  6. SriLekha: I did notice that and I am interested. I love ice cream and had a roundup in July too. :-)

  7. Tartasacher: Je te remercie pour ce beau prix artistique. :-) Cela fait toujours plaisir de recevoir un petit cadeau.


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