Monday, August 15, 2011

TGIF a Great Place to Savor, Sip, Save

As Joy of Desserts gets more and more popular, I'm proud to say that I get more and more offers from national and even international advertisers, and that means giveaways, coupons, offers, and all sorts of other deals all for you, my dear readers.

My latest advertising sponsor is TGI Friday's. I fondly remember my work-outside-the-home days when my co-workers and I would walk directly across the street to TGIF's for lunch. It was a fun atmosphere and it was one of our regular places to relax and forget for an hour the work we had left on our desks. Journalists don't like this phrase, but "a good time was had by all" was definitely appropriate at that particular location. Even the waiters and waitresses were happy and laughing out loud.

You'll be seeing TGIF's banner ads among the others on my sidebar and above my posts, and they also have special deals for my Baltimore, Chicago, Indianapolis, and West Palm Beach readers. I don't get to participate because I'm in California, but the rest of you in those cities can. :-) I hope you'll enjoy.

Don't these desserts look appetizing?

Below is an offer for Joy of Desserts readers and a select few other blogs. Grab the one for your city. It's great to be able to let you save through my blog.

Oh, and by the way, as if you hadn't realized this already, but I have to specify it, "This sponsorship is brought to you by Friday's® who we have partnered with for this promotion."

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  1. I just had to add a comment as TGIF holds a special place for me - it is where hubby and I had our first "blind" date - so it is where we met. Yay.

  2. Rhonda: Wow. That is awesome! Thank you for sharing that. :-)


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