Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: I love cherries

Happy Wednesday to all. This post is shared with Wordless Wednesday and What I Love Wednesday. Be sure to use the linky below for your Wordless Wednesday posts.

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  1. That is beautiful! Thanks for linking up at Girl Talk. Happy WW!

  2. great photos...I live in MPLS so the pix of that cherry/spoon made me smile..but just not the snow.

  3. Nice photos, i love cherries too

    Have a great WW! and thank you for stopping by :-)

  4. Nice pictures. I planted a Cherry Tree last year. It has a lot of fruit on it. I am surprised.

  5. I am busy with Summer Daze give aways this week but have been wanting to start making Wednesday a wordless wednesday at Bacon Time since I post that day from Busy Mom's Tips on menu planning.

    Sorry for the email. I was hacked yesterday. I have contacted yahoo and changed my password. Yesterday was busy, since all of my contacts were errased as well as all of my emails. I hate hackers. Hope today is a better day. Hope to see you Friday through Sunday for my first linky party!

  6. I love cherry blossoms so that picture!!!

  7. Cherry Blossoms are so beautiful!
    I'm really happy to find your blog- so fun!

  8. Thanks, everyone. :-)

    Trish: Just think of it as a nice sugar dusting. ;-)

    Russ: It's so nice that you already have so many cherries. Most fruit trees take about 3 years to really take off. But cherry trees give A LOT of fruit.

    Mindie: No worries about the e-mail. I instantly knew it wasn't really from you. Sorry that you got hacked and they erased everything.

  9. Joy,
    Thanks for the visit! I love cherries too! I used to live in Green Bay WI and went up to Door County, (known as the Cape Cod of the midwest), a lot. They are known for their cherries and have a big festival every year. Who doesn't love Cherry Pie!!!

  10. I had to admit to not being the biggest fan of cherries (but I've never had a decent selection of local cherries, so that might change my mind), but that sculpture makes me want to head up to Minneapolis! It's too much fun!

  11. Cherry Blossom trees are my favorite, too!

  12. Hi there,
    I LOVE cherries! We get some wonderful cherries in Seattle at the farmer's market at Pike Place Market. I love cherry cobbler or cherry pie! One of my favs! Have a beautiful day! xoxo Kim

  13. Great collage of pics ~ so very refreshing on this very hot humid day in So. Virginia!

  14. Oh, I love cherry blossoms...and I can't wait till our nearby produce stand has cherries for sale :)


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