Friday, December 10, 2010

5 cute food gifts that will make recipients smile

If you are looking for some cute ideas to package your food gifts, then these are sure to please and make your recipients smile.  They are all quick and easy to do, and will be a lot less expensive than the pre-packaged gifts you'll find at the store.

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cocoa mason jar
Cocoa Mason Jar. Look at those marshmallows.
Just use food decorating pens. Photo: Meagan Mountford

Christmas cookie sticks
No cookie cutters needed. Just cut strips of cookie dough.
Photo: Meagan Mountford

Cookie Jar Gifts
No baking required. 
Just layer the dry ingredients,
and don't forget to include the recipe.

Photo: Shabby Chic Crafts

Santa Cocoa Cones!
Just layer dry ingredients for hot cocoa in a cone-shaped baggie.
Tie with festive ribbon, add googly eyes,

and a cotton ball at the tip. Photo: steamboatwillie33 

Place muffin mix in a tin, tie recipe with pretty ribbon.
For an extra fancy gift, place several tins in a basket
or a mixing bowl, and add a whisk or tea towels.
No baking required. Photo: C and H Sugar



  1. You know what I love? The idea of just cutting strips of cookie dough. Sometimes cookie cutters can be so time consuming when you have so much to do. What a simpler way to do sugar cookies!

  2. varunner: Agreed. I thought that was a genius idea. Often the best ideas are the simplest.

  3. These are just the cutest gifts! I love buying those kinds of things, and think they're so much fun!

  4. Andrea: So cute and so much cheaper (and often better) than the store-bought versions.


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