Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cookbook review: The I Hate To Cook Book

Tomorrow is the last day of my giveaway of a great American classic cookbook, "The I Hate To Cook Book."  Be sure to enter the giveaway before it's too late.

Fifty years ago, Peg Bracken wrote this famous cookbook which at the time sold more than 3 million copies.  Some of its recipes are so rooted in our culture that you probably wouldn't even realize they had originated in this cookbook until you start flipping through the pages.

The publishers are sponsoring this latest giveaway, and they know this cookbook is just perfect for the readers of this blog.  It's vintage, it's a classic, there's a whole section dedicated to desserts, and the author recommends that you bring dessert whenever you are invited for a potluck.

"Another good gambit, when a Potluck is under discussion, is to move in fast with the dessert."

Trust me and trust the author, dessert is always a better move than anything else you could bring.  It's cheaper than an entree, it's more popular than a vegetable, it's not as predictable as another casserole, and everybody is instantly more cheerful when they see a  pretty dessert.  You'll get lots of lovely comments.  Play your cards right, and you'll not only be the star of the party, but people will beg you to bring dessert to future get togethers.

Bracken is particularly fond of serving Irish Coffee to her dinner guests, saying, "this is a real triple threat: coffee, dessert, and liqueur all in one, and what else can make that statement?"

Even 50 years later, this cookbook remains witty and practical.  I completely agree with the dust jacket's description from advice columnist Amy Dickinson that this book is "a delicious mashup of Martha Stewart and Amy Sedaris."  And that's a great combination.  This elegantly accessible cookbook will keep you smiling and cooking even on the busiest days.

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Category: COOKING
Publisher: Hachette Book Group
Publish Date: 7/26/2010
Price: $22.99/$27.99
ISBN: 9780446545921
Pages: 224
Size: 5-1/2" x 8-1/4"


  1. I almost always take dessert to a potluck! Thanks for the book review.

    Thanks, too, for voting for my chocolate bar. I appreciate the support!

  2. i'm so far behind on my blogs -darn it missed the giveaway...but love the book review and will be heading right over to Barnes & to buy it!


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