Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fast, easy dessert: Cream pie tartelette recipe

Here's a super easy dessert recipe which even a child could make, but you could also make it fancy and elegant for a dinner party by using homemade ingredients, a bit of alcohol, real fruit, meringue mushrooms or edible flowers, either fresh or sugar ones.  It's up to you whether you want to make it fun and whimsical for a child, or gourmet and elegant for a special event.

This is the 5-minute, serves 1 or 2 version.  It also requires no refrigeration before it is assembled, so you could make it at the park, on a camping trip or even when the electricity goes out, since each ingredient stores in the pantry.

Get a mini or individual size graham cracker crust like this.  This is a picture of the national brand, but there are others too.
Spread the crust with a layer of chocolate hazelnut. Nutella is the original brand from Italy which was invented during World War II so that children could have a healthy snack. You can find out more in one of my previous Nutella posts.
Empty one small pudding cup into the crust.  Choose your favorite brand and flavor.  Vanilla works best for this recipe.  Banana, orange and raspberry flavors also work well with chocolate.
Make it pretty and fun by adding a few sugar sprinkles.
Voila!  It's that easy and fast.
This recipe is happily shared with Cooking for Two Tuesday hosted by Grandmother Wren.


  1. Haha, for me the Nutella is what puts the icing on the cake of this recipe!

  2. My husband loves Nutella it is good stuff!


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