Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fresh fruit for healthy, tasty desserts

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Many people are on a diet in January. Too many others are on a perpetual starvation diet, which gets nowhere because they remain perpetually overweight despite their determination. For nearly three years now, I've been writing on this blog about my belief that we should always eat dessert, even if we are trying to lose weight.

I've mentioned time and again about moderation and staying active, rather than starvation and deprivation. I've told you my belief in eating fresh, wholesome quality foods, preferably organic, and always with as few added chemicals as you can possibly find and afford. Fresh fruits are among my favorite desserts, either eaten out of hand, or added to cakes and tarts, and even cooked fresh fruits.

I try to keep the soap box low key, but you may also recall the photo or the post on the evils of corn syrup, and I hope you didn't miss yesterday's post about the Biggest Loser way of losing weight. Yes, it does include eating dessert, and there's even a chef recipe for Berry Cobbler -- the Biggest Loser Berry Explosion Cobbler Recipe.

It's still January, and even with vintage recipes, we can find light desserts that will be easy on the calories, and good for our health, too. No need to turn to fake sugars, fake cream, fake anything. I'm sharing the Searchlight Recipe Book's section on fresh fruits.

To your health!

Fresh Fruit
Fruit Sections
Peel orange or grapefruit. Remove white membrane. Separate the sections by cutting close to the membrane on each side. Remove seeds. Arrange on a plate, the sections radiating from a mound of powdered sugar.
Diced Fruit
Peel fruit. Remove white membrane. Separate sections. Cut in dice. Sprinkle with sugar. Chill.
Fresh pineapple
Cut top from fresh pineapple. Pare, using a sharp knife. Cut out eyes. Slice in 1/4 inch slices, shred with a fork, or cut in cubes. Sprinkle with sugar. Chill.
Pineapple Pyramids
Cut top from fresh pineapple. Using a sharp pointed knife, cut around each eye, cutting toward the heart of the fruit. Remove pyramids. Chill. Arrange with tip of cones pointing inward, around a mound of powdered sugar.
Fruit Sauce
Wash fruit. Remove stems and blossom ends. Leave whole or cut in pieces and remove seeds, depending on the fruit. Cover with water. Cover and cook slowly until tender. Sweeten to taste. Simmer until sugar is dissolved. If desired, fruit may be cooked until tender, in a thin or medium syrup.
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  1. Amen and amen... move more, eat not less, but better and whip out as many chemicals as possible... I try to leave out the ones I can not pronounce


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