Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Add to Christmas gift list: Chocolate, A Love Story

Chocolate, A Love Story: 65 Chocolate dessert recipes from Max Brenner's Private Collection is the latest toy to consummate your love affair.

There's even a 66th bonus recipe, and don't expect this cookbook to follow trends with visual "food porn" or other cookbook conventions.

Brenner has taken the lead. He shuns food styling and photography for original work by his friend, Israeli artist Yonatan Factor. He shuns the index found at the end of other cookbooks, too.

Brenner takes readers into his imagination with fictional writing prompts to introduce the culinary adventures of each chocolate creation.

The cast of characters in this romantic play:
  • Himself, Max: "At the age of twenty, I thought that in order to find inspiration for my first novel I needed to be alone. I needed to walk in narrow streets, sit in a dark room with a candle, feel the longing, and write. I went to live and work in the Seventh Arrondissement in Paris with a French chef who looked like Gepetto. I was an apprentice for six years. He taught me how to make toffee, marzipan and nougat. He told me stories that are only passed on from teacher to pupil. I was lonely and did not write."
  • The artist, Yonathan: He has "a huge tattoo running up his leg that had been covered with a tattoo of a blue rectangle, because he was sick of what he'd loved the day before....The body of the most muscular Irish boxer you can imagine, ... spiky blond hair of a newborn chick. And even though you couldn't see it, stuffed inside was the romantic soul of a starving Russian poet."
  • The inspiration, Chocolate: A romantic commodity, precious and addictive, the sexy, nostalgic, "fantasy object for children and grown-up children."
Each act or chapter has its creative title like Serious Stuff: Some Fun Chocolate Games, and Sugar Rush: Straightforward Chocolate Drinks.

Each scene or recipe has fun names like Innocent Meringue Kisses, Kinky Pavlova, and the Jealous Almond and Pistachio Marzipan Balls.

There are creations for every taste like Spy-Thriller Chocolate Black Forrest Cake, or Soap Opera Chocolate Cappuccino, and for every lifestyle too -- Politically Correct Sacher Torte, Eco-Friendly Chocolate Bread Pudding, or Revolutionary Rice Pudding.

Add this chocolate cookbook to your Christmas list for all your chocolate lovers, and for yourself, too.

Every good home library needs at least one chocolate cookbook, and this Chocolate, A Love Story will develop into a lasting relationship with its sense of humor; taste of culture; rugged tall, dark looks; and decadent lifestyle.

Category: COOKING
Title: Chocolate, A Love Story: 65 Chocolate dessert recipes from Max Brenner's Private Collection
Author: Max Brenner
Publisher: Little Brown
Publish Date: 11/2/2009
Price: $29.99/$35.99
ISBN: 9780316056625
Pages: 144
Size: 9" x 12"

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  1. yum chocolate... who couldn't think of at least a start to write this book... what a joy to see it finished

    hope santa is nice to you and reads this


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