Saturday, November 14, 2009

You make the blogging world a friendly place!

I've received another beautiful award. This one is from Emily, a very nice blog friend who writes Marvelous Recipes. Thank you, Emily!! We also need to answer why we love blogging.

Emily wrote "I love to blog because I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. And I enjoy keeping up with all the different things going on in my friend’s lives. I have a passion for cooking and I love to share my recipes and cooking ideas with others who share my passion. But the biggest reason I love to blog is: “It’s Fun”!!"

I second all of those thoughts and feelings, and also because I like to both teach, and learn from others. I learn so much from blogging and from the Internet in general. Blogging provides an outlet for my writing and creativity. It has challenged me to try new things, and grow. I see blogging empowering many of us, like the mommy bloggers who might otherwise have no adult company most of the day, or the seniors, the handicapped, or those ill who might otherwise be housebound, or those who are busy working hard all day long to make some uncaring company richer. It gives all of us a voice and a vote, because we all have our 2 cents' worth to say, and we all have an important story to tell.

I was surprised when I first started blogging at how many friendships so many of us were making via blogs. Friendships have become a very important component of my blogging, so I'm glad that this particular award is to be used "as a dedication for those who love blogging and love to encourage friendships through blogging." I could never include all of my blog friends, even just the ones with whom I feel a closer bond -- just look at how long my blog rolls are! -- so don't feel bad if you are not getting an award this time around, it's nothing personal, even the Academy Awards limits all the thank yous to 3 minutes these days.

These bloggers are extra special, AND encourage friendships through their blogs. Here is a great big thank you to all of you for making the blogging world a friendly place.

Tamy @ 3 Sides of Crazy

Twinkle Mom @ Sunflower Faith

Bella @ La Bella Vita

Grandmother Wren @ Grandmother Wren

Grandpy @ Grandpy and You

Snowhite @ Joy in my Kitchen

Liz @ Hoosier Homemade

Kristen @ Frugal Antics

Michele @ Frugal Creativity

Bean @ Coyote Craft

Gudrun @ Kitchen Gadget Girl

Chaya @ Sweet and Savory

Neno’s Award—-Rules and Regulations

1. As a dedication for those who love blogging and love to encourage friendships through blogging.

2. To seek the reasons why we all love blogging.

3. Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.

4. Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.

5. Answer the award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.

6. Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.

7. Don’t forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.


  1. Great post. I never dreamed I would love blogging so much!

  2. Joy,
    Wow...thank you; I was really surprised! Lol, it's been so long since I've really blogged blog and it's a, well, joy, to be back; Missed you and everyone in the blogging world.

  3. you won you won you won... Come check my blog today, you won the O Olive Oil giveaway. Please email me your address ASAP

  4. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I appreciate your supportive comments on my blog and love to visit yours. Congrats on winning that O oil, too.

  5. Thanks for thinking of me. I appreciate it. What I appreciate more, is your very kind words. It is people like you who keep the Blogosphere warm and friendly and we do need that.

  6. You are too sweet! Sorry I'm slow in getting to say THANK YOU -- it's been a crazy week.

  7. Thank you so much Joy. I'm finally getting caught up! I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

    P.S. It looks like I'll be in Paso by New Years! YAY!

  8. Thanks so much! I'm just getting caught up from a bloggy break--and now taking care of my DH who's under the weather--but you've made my day!


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