Monday, August 10, 2009

Julie & Julia serves $20.1 million opening weekend

Julie & Julia's opening weekend at the box office brought in $20.1 million for a strong second place, only after bigger-than-life, mega-movie "GI Joe."

Foodies across the country heard Meryl Streep say "bon appetit!" in her best Julia Child intonations and out-of-breath accent, as Streep showed a new generation what the first TV celebrity chef's life in France was like.

Actress Amy Adams delightfully took on the role of blogger Julie Powell, who came up with the concept for the Julie/Julia Project, to cook and blog about each recipe in Julia Child's first and unprecedented cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

  • Don't miss out on my book giveaway of Julie & Julia by Julie Powell. You'll also be interested to read Julia Child's "My Life in France," which the movie is also based on.
  • You can read my full review of the movie Julie & Julia when it was still just a rough cut, but already showing its potential for excellence even back in September 2008.
  • Watch below, the YouTube video trailer of the August PBS special, "Julia Child Memories: BON APPÉTIT!"

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