Thursday, May 28, 2009

MIX SHAKE STIR Review and Giveaway

Alcohol is a great ingredient for desserts and for cooking.

With "MIX, SHAKE, STIR, Cocktails for the Home Bar," you'll be able to expertly add alcohol to your repertoire or update it for today's latest trendy cocktails.

Don't miss out on the giveaway, either! Little Brown of Hachette Book Group is generously donating three books for this giveaway.

Believe me, whether you don't drink much or you have a reputation for making great cocktails for your guests and yourself, you'll want this book.

It will make a great gift for your hosts or Father's Day, too. It would even make a beautiful conversation piece on your coffee table with its bronze pages, with design blocks as colorful as the ingredients, like pomegranates, cherries, cucumbers, mint, rose petals, lavender or passion fruit and nasturtium.

You will definitely enjoy admiring the photography and design of this book, but it's much more than a pretty face.

The recipes are from the bartenders of Danny Meyer's Gramercy Tavern and its other acclaimed New York City sister restaurants.

Meyer, who didn't always appreciate the art of cocktails, says, "Most of the credit for my own cocktail conversion goes to the extraordinarily talented bartenders, bar managers -- and even cooks -- I've had the privilege of working with, who have unleashed their culinary creativity to delicious results. Bartenders are increasingly taking cues from our chefs, who in turn are more aware than ever of how our beverages act as a complement for the dishes they prepare. These are exciting times."

In addition, you'll find advice and tips on techniques, garnishes, bar tools, glassware, fruit purees, using flavored simple syrups or salt and sugar rims.

And the book wouldn't be quite complete without bar snacks, like red snapper ceviche or tequila-lime shrimp to pair with citrus-driven cocktails. There's Citrus Popcorn, Grilled Watermelon with Heirloom Tomatoes, Blue Smoke Deviled Eggs, Thai Trail Mix, and they didn't forget the most requested item at Hudson Yards holiday parties, the Dried Cherry, Bacon and Pecan Mix.

Enter the MIX, SHAKE, STIR giveaway! There will be three winners!
  • Category: COOKING
  • Publish Date: 5/11/2009
  • Price: $29.99/$32.99
  • ISBN: 9780316045124
  • Pages: 224
  • Size: 9" x 9"

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