Friday, November 7, 2008

Joy Of Desserts Receives Kreativ Blogger Award

Beloved Mama has given me and 6 other bloggers the Kreativ Blogger Award. She says she "chose these blogs because I read them often, I find them creative and unique, and I have not given them an award before...and I want to share them with you!!!"

Thank you so much for this Kreativ Award, Beloved Mama!

This award is quite creative too. We don't just award it to 7 more lucky bloggers, we answer 7 groups of seven questions too!!! So lucky you, you get to know all about moi! LOL!

Here goes! It's a long tag and much more information than you ever wanted to know about little old moi, so feel free to skim or skip! ;-)

Seven things I did before:
1. I worked for a church.
2. I worked for medical insurance companies.
3. I was trained to answer phones for an emergency hotline, and gave speeches about depression and suicide.
4. I was on the board of my Homeowners' Association for several years.
5. I taught science and math (and a few art lessons too) for grades 3-6.
6. I built motherboards for computers at a Silicon Valley company

Seven things I do now:
1. I blog.
2. I am a stay-at-home mom.
3. I cook.
4. I clean.
5. I homeschool our son.
6. I chauffeur.
7. I grocery shop.

Seven things I would like to do:
1. Be a stay-at-home mom and homemaker who homeschools.
2. Travel all over the world.
3. Have more time to do what I like.
4. Have more time to learn all sorts of new things.
5. Have my books published and become international best-sellers.
6. Have my artwork displayed in galleries in Paris and well, why not some museums, too. ;-)
7. Have the time and money to smell the roses, first class all the way!

Seven things that attract me to my husband:
1. His intelligence.
2. His writing. (I loved his writing before I even met him in person.)
3. His kind and gentle soul.
4. His fathering skills and love he models for our son.
5. His height and good looks.
6. His weird sense of humor
7. His dislike for watching sports!

Seven favorite foods:
1. Desserts!!! Now, you already knew that. ;-)
2. Appetizers. I could make a full dinner out of them!
3. Cheese. No meal is complete without cheese, and it's good to pass time, too.
4. Fruits and Honey. Ripe and sweet -- God's candy.
5. Meat. I could survive as a carnivore.
6. Fish. What Would Jesus Eat? His apostles were fishermen and he fed the multitudes with fish.
7. International Foods. They are all good, especially French, Italian, German, Polish, Philipino, Vietnamese, Chinese (as long as they don't add poison!), Mexican, Greek, Middle Eastern.

You got it, I like food, that's why I have a food blog, BUT in moderation! Don't overeat, stay healthy! Variety is important.

Seven things I say most often:
1. I love you.
2. I miss you. Why are most of the people I love so far away???
3. Bon appetit!
4. I can't find my keys!
5. Mommy is not a slave.
6. Let's go to ...
7. Oh boy!

Seven people I am tagging: (If you've already been tagged with this and I've listed you, feel free to not participate, but please keep the award.) These are good, creative bloggers and blog friends, although it's always so hard to pick because I have so many good blogging friends on my blogrolls.
1. Kathryn at The Empty Nest
2. Tarta Sacher at 1000 Desserts
3. Grace at Grace Today
4. Tanya at Texas Tanya
5. Amy at The 160 Acre Woods
6. Tamy at 3 Sides Of Crazy
7. Twinkle Mom at Sunflower Faith

Now don't forget to grab the award!


  1. Thanks Joy!! I'll give these questions some thought and pass this on.

  2. It was fun to read all about you :) I didn't realize that you are a journalist!!!!

  3. Bonsoir Joy:
    Merci bien par ce beau prix. Tu est toujours si aimable et le prix est vraiment jolie. Je ferai une entrée dans des jour pour le laisser dans mon blog. Mon père est un peu mieux, mais tout c´est bien dificil. Je ferai une tarte pour ton event. Merci et à bientôt

  4. Neat way to learn knew things about you! I love that you home school! I plan to do the same...when this baby is that age!

  5. I am so sorry I've delayed in responding. Thank you, sweet friend. Hugs to you.


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