Monday, October 6, 2008

Teaching Each Other About Desserts And More

My thanks to Tamy of 3 Sides Of Crazy, for sharing this newly created award with me. Tamy is my co-hostess for our Need To Kneed Bread Roundup on October 15th and I visit her blog daily because there is always something new and interesting. I'm sharing my latest award with some great bloggers who teach me about desserts, food and a myriad of other topics.
Drumroll, please.
And the award goes to:
  • Mil Postres (1000 Desserts) She doesn't claim to be a professional pastry chef, but with the beautiful, creative, delicious desserts she shares with her readers, she could easily be one and just not be telling us. Go ahead and try some of her recipes. You will love them.
  • Texas Tanya has a new domain. Tanya serves up a slice of life. She is one of the first blogs I ever discovered and continues to teach me and keep me interested with her great posts. She has great ideas and solutions for our everyday problems!
  • The Call To Brilliance is a new blog by someone I know in real life. We homeschool through an Independent Study Program and Resa guides us through this wonderful adventure. She teaches, nurtures and inspires our son and us too. If you have an interest in education or in homeschooling, I highly recommend that you visit her blog and read her book by the same name.
  • Sunflower Faith teaches us about encouragement and faith. She has just taken the plunge into homeschooling her children too so her blog is evolving to include that topic as well.
  • Sherrie's Random Thoughts is just one of her many blogs. Just look at her profile. She doesn't mix her crochet with her scrapbooking or her quilts. There's even 100 Sweets to participate in my meme, 100 For The Sweet Tooth. There's lots to learn!

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  1. Thank you very much Joy for the award! I appreciate it very much! Have a great day! Take Care!!


  2. Congratulations Joy - new sites for me to drool over too!

  3. Hello Joy:
    Thank you for your delicious award.

    Merci bien Joy par ce beau prix, jes suis tres contente de que tu dites tout ça sur moi et sur mon blog. Merci et à bientôt.

  4. You are just too sweet! Thank you for your award. There are some days I'm surprised that anyone reads my site... :)


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