Friday, July 18, 2008

We All Scream For Ice Cream Round Up

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This is the
We Scream For Ice Cream
Recipe Round Up!!

Using comments, give us the link to your ice cream post(s) and the name of your recipes. Link to your posts, NOT to the main page of your blogs so that people can find your recipes even in the future.

This is the html code to use for the link. Just replace the { bracket with the less-than symbol, and the } bracket with the greater-than symbol:
{a href="http://url of your post here"}Ice Cream Name Here{/a}

As customary with these round ups and carnivals, be sure to display the We Scream For Ice Cream Button linking to this blog and to link to this post so that your readers can find all the other participants too.

I will also add links to your recipes on this post throughout the day.

Be kind and visit everyone too. Have fun and enjoy!

While I have your attention and we are on the topic of Round-Ups, Tamy of 3 Sides of Crazy and I are co-hosting another round-up. If you find yourself with the Need to Knead, we have the bread round-up for you. We will round-up all types of bread recipes on October 15th. We hope you will participate!

1. Lemon Ice Cream w/Blueberry Sauce;
2. Vanilla (Basic Recipe), 3. Strawberry, 4. Chocolate Chocolate Chip, 5. Chocolate Banana, 6.Apricot Pineapple, 7. Blueberry Rum Ice Cream;
8. Apricot Ice Cream;
9. Coffee Granita;
10. Banana Split;
11. Vanilla, 12. Strawberry; 13. Chocolate Ice Cream;
14. Basic Cream Recipe, 15. Nougat, 16. Chocolate, 17. Honey, 18. Coffee;
19. Dulce De Leche Ice Cream;
20. Coconut Milk Ice Cream;
21. Peach Sorbet;
22. Raspberry Ice Cream;
23. Lavender Honey Ice Cream;
24. Espresso and Vanilla Ice Cream;
25. Rum Raisin Ice Cream;
26. Copa "Mil Postres" ~ "1000 Desserts" Cup
Coffee Can Ice Cream
28. Sunburst & Orange Pineapple Ice cream
29. Ben & Jerry's Homemade Cherry Garcia Ice Cream
30. Egg Nog Ice Cream
31. Cinnamon Roll Milkshake
32. Banana Ice Cream with a mixer
33. Vanilla Ice Cream
34. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
35. Coffee Kahlua Ice Cream Cake
36. "Udderly" Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream
37. You're Next! :-)


  1. Bonsoir Joy:

    Je viens laisser mes recettes dans le premier post sur cet evetn, c'est à dire l'entree du 5 juin. Mais je ne sais pas si je le fais bien. Mais j'ai vu déjà quelques des mes entrées ici. Bien, je vais laisser ce que je n'ai pas vu. Merci et à bientôt

    Copa Mil Postres

  2. Hi Joy!
    Here's my ice cream recipe.
    Coffee Can Ice Cream
    Can't wait to go look at the others!

  3. Here is my post. I have included the links to Scrumptious Sunday ice cream posts. Sunburst & Orange Pineapple Ice cream

  4. Bonsoir Joy:
    J'ai déjà vue la Round-Up sur les glaces,c'est merveilleuse. Aussi j'ai vu le prochain event sur le pan pour le 15 octobre. Je participarai aussi à`cette "Round-Up". Je laisserai ici tous mes recettes de pain que j'ai dans mon blog, pour participer, avec le code comme ce que je viens de laisser pour une des mes glaces, ¿n'est ce pas?. Merci et à bientôt

  5. Okay, Joy I have posted my ice cream recipe, but I don't know how to get it linked from your post.

  6. Here is mine but like Kathryn, I'm not sure how to link it up???


    Healthy Banana Ice Cream

  8. Hi Joy,
    Here's my recipe for easy mint choc chip icecream:

  9. Bonsoir Joy. Vraiment magnifique cette "Round-Up". Tous les glaces et tous les blogs son si beaux. Une grande idée. Merci bien et à bientôt.

  10. The recipes are fantastic...what a perfect summer thing to do! And the bread in the fall...I'll be back!

  11. I am so thankful for all of you, whether you are participating with recipes or you are here to read them.

    It's not too late to add your own recipe if you haven't done so yet.

    I am also quite happy to see some great new names in the comments and to be discovering your blogs. One of the reasons I like these round ups or carnivals is that we get to discover new ideas, new friends and new blogs, plus we get a real sense of community with our regular blog friends. :-)

    Fun! I'm enjoying the summer with these delicious recipes.

  12. What would the our summer be without ice cream, right? Great idea! Now I'll have some clickin' fun :)

  13. Thanks for a great roundup, Joy--and thanks to everyone for such an array of new ice cream recipes! I'm drooling already...

  14. Hey they Joy of Desserts! Here is my ultra simple recipe which is my sister's favourite.

    and count me for the bread as well man I LOVE HOME MADE BREAD.

  15. hi joy
    thjis is my first time on your blog and i simply could not lift my eyes off the posts. Lovely posts and hmmmmm...i love ice-creams. Thanks for sharing, eh !

  16. Joy what's funny is this!! I will to look all!! so yummy recipes! Thanks to invited me dear, xxxxGloria

  17. Where are you from?.
    I am from Ecuador but when I was little I came here to the Estates and then I went back to my country.
    When I got married 7 years ago I came yo live here in Washington DC.
    Have a Nice Weekend.

  18. Thank you, all, again.

    Anamika: Welcome. I am happy that you enjoyed my blog posts and you are of course invited to come back and comment anytime. I love comments because this way we all get to know each other and find each others blogs too.

    Olga: I am from Paris, France and I live in California. I love both countries dearly and feel 100% American and 100% French too. :-)

  19. Hi Joy!
    I came to your blog via Tartasacher's a long time ago and I wanted to join your ice-cream round up but I didn't in the end due to lack of time. I am definetly joining the bread one so I will put the picture on my blog.

    You have a great blog, I love it!

    C u soon!

  20. Thank you Joy four your lovely commetns. The event of ice cream very wonderful. Bravo for the Round-Up.
    Best and wises.

  21. Hello Joana! Thank you and welcome back to my blog. We share a very good blog friend with Tartasacher. You are warmly invited to join the bread round up in the fall. See you! ;-)

  22. Dang. Missed this. You can link to my Udderly Delicious Ice Cream if not too late. Thanks! : )


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