Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back after Blogger problems preventing access

I finally have access to my blog again.  I jumped over to Twitter to see if others were having problems too, and sure enough, so many of us could not access our blogs and could not comment on the few blogs we could access.  So I missed Vintage Recipe Thursday.  First time ever.  Please feel free to link today's posts for our next Vintage Recipe Thursday on July 7th.

It's been about a month of very erratic Blogger service, and it sure is getting old, but looking at the bright side, until last May, Blogger has provided a wonderful and reliable service for as long as I have used them, starting in March 2008.

Speaking of missing linky parties, Monday is the 4th of July, and I'm sure most participants living in the U.S. won't be around to link up, so let's skip this Monday's party, and resume the following Monday on July 11th.  Enjoy the long weekend.

H A P P Y   4th.   OF   J U L Y ! ! ! ! !

4th of July in Washington, DC
Flickr/Tim Lundin TDLphoto


  1. happy to know that you are back again...keep rocking!!!

    Happy Blogging!!!!
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  2. Thank you, DD. It sure felt weird not having access, and not knowing for how long. Have a great 4th of July.

  3. Joy sorry you had problems with blogging! I had to weeks ago! have a nice 4th July! gloria

  4. Gloria: Thank you. Blogger has been having a lot of problems for about the last month. Sorry to hear it affected you too. Have a great weekend in Chile.

  5. I sure hate technical difficulties. We had a server problem a few weeks ago. It was frustrating. Glad you are up and running again!

  6. I can't say whether my service was affected, because I didn't check it the entire long weekend! Oh my goodness, I have so much catching up to do in the reading and commenting department!

    I hope Blogger can get its problems worked out. Glad you're back and I hope you had a nice holiday!


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