Friday, October 16, 2009

Saveur Foodie Profile Quiz: 'Classic + Comforting'

Have you seen the Saveur Foodie Profile Quiz yet? I took it!

Quiz: Your Foodie Profile
Is your breakfast toasted or poached? Does your dream meal involve Wet-Naps or fine china? Take the quiz now and reveal your taste.

My Profile: Classic & Comforting
Classic & Comforting You learned to cook alongside your grandma, and still think her teachings are gospel. (That sounds like my Vintage Recipe Thursday!) You believe the correct answer to the question of olive oil or butter is both. (Of course!) You're happiest around a chattering table, doling out heaping plates to crowds of friends. (Et oui! And family, too.) You just had your tattered, original copy of Joy of Cooking rebound. (They are not far off -- I'm thinking of doing that for my mom's favorite cookbook from my childhood. This is the cookbook with all my personal comfort foods.) You're certain there's nothing that melted cheese can't make better. (That's right.)

Looks like I'm in good company, because 68.64% of people who took the quiz are this profile! What about YOU?


  1. My Foodie Profile.
    You believe that a BLT is the world's perfect meal. You like to eat cereal for supper (Grape Nuts for your entree; Cap'n Crunch for dessert). You consider sausage one of the 6 basic food groups. You named your cat after Rachel Ray. You fantasize about opening a pizza parlor. You often eat while talking on the phone/sitting at your desk/watching television/driving.
    15.02% of people who took the quiz are this profile
    Thanks for visiting Grampys Place.

  2. Grampy: Sometimes I'm all for cereal for supper, too -- and other breakfast foods. ;-) I eat at my desk too, but because too often I have to multi-task, not because I like it. Thanks for sharing your results.


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