Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nuts!! Pistachios Recalled! Peanut Recall Growing!

Our son's favorite nut, the pistachio, has been recalled! Right on the heals of the peanut and peanut butter recall comes the pistachio recall due to a SalMonEllA ScaRe!!

About 2 milllion pounds of pistachios are affected by the initial recall which does not yet include products made with pistachios. Already the federal Food and Drug Administration's list of recalled peanuts, peanut butters, and products containing peanuts such as trail mixes, bars, chocolates, ice creams and candies, is getting longer by the day.

You might even be surprised by how long the list is, that it grows daily and that most of the FDA's recalls don't make it to your evening news. Some of your favorite brands are on there, and I even spotted a couple of ORGANIC products.

For all of our well-being, here is the link to the FDA's Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts. You can even have it e-mailed to you DAILY. Because eating should be a JOY, not hazardous to our health!

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