Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Take Fine Flour And Bake Twelve Cakes With It

For more participants in Word-Filled Wednesday, please visit Amy at The 160 Acre Woods.


  1. That's a sweet picture and verse! Thanks for sharing. Blessed WFW!

  2. I've told you before....Some of my favorite Word Wed. are here!! I LOVE this with the muffins...makes even Leviticus easier to "swallow!" I LOVE it!!

    Have a great day!

  3. Love this! (And how perfectly appropriate for a blog called Joy of Desserts!) Great representation of the scripture! Happy WFW!


  4. Unique but I like it. I'm hungry now!!!!! Have a blessed day.

  5. That graphic is very cute. Great use of the Word.

  6. Yum...cake. I love the quote about the dessert cart on the Titanic. It justifies the cookie I had for breakfast. :)

  7. Thank you, all.

    Lori: Some of the books ARE difficult to "swallow." You make me laugh. Thank you for that. Great way to start the morning. :-)

    Tracy: I do attempt each week to have a food related Bible verse. There are a lot of food references in the Bible which I'm sure most of us never really paid attention to, so I thought I would attempt to highlight them. I don't know how many there are or how long I'll be able to keep it up, but our good Lord will guide me.

    Jenelle: I love Erma Bombeck's humor too. I justify my desserts too. Most of them are VERY healthy with protein from eggs, vitamins from fruit, fiber from nuts and grains; even the sweet honey and chocolate is good for us! Besides, moderation is always the key. :-)

  8. Merci Joy. Moi, je suis aussi contente de te connaître et de visiter ton beau blog. Je suis si international aussi grâce à toi.
    J'aime bien que le prix "Yummy blog award" t'ai plait. Merci pour venir le chercher et à bientôt ma cherie

  9. What a great illustration! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing, I think I may have to go cook some muffins!!

  10. took a break from baking chocolate muffins to look at "just one more" WFW -- so glad I did!

  11. Bonjour Joy Of Desserts
    Je suis bien contente de faire connaissance et de découvrir ton beau blog
    Je vais revenir le regarder comme il faut
    et merci pour ta visite qui m'a permis de te connaître
    à bientôt


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