Saturday, May 17, 2008

Joy Of Desserts Received Two More Awards :-)

I'm so blessed to have all of you giving me awards for this blog. This time, Tarta Sacher of Mil Postres (1000 Desserts) gave two lovely awards. The first is the Yummy Blog Award which is particularly fitting for a dessert blog. The second is an award of love. The rough English translation is "Love me. When I deserve it the least is when I need it the most."

Thank you so very much, Tarta Sacher! Your blog friendship is so appreciated.

If you haven't yet visited Tarta Sacher's dessert blog, you are missing out on lovely pictures, great recipes and inspiration. She is a very friendly person who takes the time to reply to her international readers. I think it is so important to frequent and support blogs written by good, wholesome, kind and talented bloggers. Mil Postres is one of my favorite blogs and I take the time to read it even though it is in a language I do not speak. You can use her translator too!

The Yummy Blog Award, I give to the following:
Phe/MOM/menon (also the round-up creator of Art You Eat)
My Raw Journey (a new blog about a new journey into all natural, all organic foods -- i.e. real food -- but raw is brand new to me, so I look forward to being educated with brand new post entries.)
I will take it Lord (a Christian blog with yummy photos and a yummy blog design)
64 Sq. Ft. Kitchen (her new kitchen is bigger now. This Algerian woman writes mostly in English with recipes in both English and French.)
In My Life (Paola shares her passion for food, art, and the Netherlands. It's written in English.)

The "Love Me" award, I give to the following:
Sunflower Faith (Twinkle Mom has a new blog home for her musings about faith, family and friends)
Writing In Faith (beautiful photography and thoughtful writing)
Grace Today (Christian blog to encourage us)
The Journey Begins With One Step (I just discovered this blog and also her My Raw Journey. Take a look at Nicole's paintings in the sidebar too.)
4urpets (My friend Kathy might need some extra love right about now because she gave up on her brand new Empty Nest blog.)

Thank goodness there wasn't a rule about awarding to at least 10 fabulous bloggers for each award! More awards to be given out soon ... I'm still catching up. :-)

Now it's your turn. Don't forget to be proud of your award, blog about it and display it in your sidebar. Be sure to link to me and link to the bloggers you award it to. Let all of us know as soon as you've posted so that we can all come visit you. :-)


If you haven't participated in my fun and informal poll about aprons, be sure to do it in the next few days before it ends. (It's at the top, between the Erma Bombeck quote and the top post.)


Have a great week-end, everyone!


  1. Joy je viens de voir ton blog et tous ces prix sont si beaux dans ton blog. Merci et à bientôt. J'ai un nouveau prix. Le cinquième pirx "Excellent BLog Award". Je viens de le recevoir du blog "Cocina de Reyes" de Maribel. Elle est à Malaga. ¡¡¡Quelle semaine.!!!

  2. Oh wow...Joy; Thank You so much; Very shocked and humbled!

    Your apron post has me wanting an apron now..LOL

  3. Oh what a lovely surprise!! Thanks a million, Joy!! You have truly put a smile on my face. :)


  4. Thanks for this award, Joy. I am honored to be included on this list of bloggers. I recognize and deeply respect many of them. Others that are new to me I am glad to encounter through your blog.

    God bless.

  5. You made me feel special today! I am honored to receive your awards! =)

    You've also given me new incentive to get posting on the raw journey much to say, but still haven't gotten to sit still and say it!

    Thanks again!

  6. Thank you so very much! I can't wait to try the buenuelos. We love those, usually on Friday nights or at Sunday brunches.

  7. Merci Joy par tes mots si belles sur moi et sur mon blog.

    Very,very good the post of the mexican food. Thank you. Best and whises

  8. YOU made my day!!!
    Thank you!!
    how sweet of you to think of me....

    I just love coming over here....there are some on that list I don't know...I can't wait to check them out!!

    HOW FUN!
    thank that is a word that I get!!;)

  9. Thank you so much Joy for this award. My weekend is off to a great start. I won't hang this award on my blog. I like to print them and keep them in a little notebook I have ;)

  10. Joy, Thank you for the Award. You made my day. finally got it posted on my blog.


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