Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Make Them Into Bread For Yourself

Other than an exercise at church with a tiny round loaf for our son's First Holy Communion, I've never attempted to bake bread. Have you?

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  1. Beautiful post today!

    No,I haven't baked break before. Yours looks wonderful.

    May your day be filled with many blessings.


  2. Very scrumptious and fitting! Excellent way of illustrating the verse!

  3. Bread isn't an area of baking that I've delved into. I don't do bread or pies. I'm happy to have a great fresh loaf of bread around though. I'm also thankful for the Bread of Life!! :)

  4. attempted yes....successfully, no...
    We make it for first Communion too...and my baby is making his this year....

    What a powerful image!
    love it!!

  5. no, i haven't tried it! I do like to bake reg. bread though!

  6. I always enjoy your WFW posts!

    Baking bread - hmmm - I think I would like to try it sometime, not sure if I have the patience though!!

  7. I love baking bread! My favorite is Irish Soda Bread. If you want to try it I can send a recipe. Super easy and super yummy!


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