Friday, April 4, 2008

Here's 10 Excellent Foodie Blogs

The Empty Nest awarded me with this EXCELLENT award on April Fools, but it was no joke. The award rules require that I show my appreciation by finding 10 more EXCELLENT blogs to award. And here they are: the 10 foodie blogs I have chosen from my blog reader, my readers' comments and also a few brand new discoveries.

Eat Yet? is a blog written by a group of foodies blogging from several states and countries at home and on travel. It was created by Lina of New York and Chelle of Texas, and they are joined by several contributors.

Andy is The New Cook. As the name suggests, he is new to cooking and his blog is only a month old, but already shows a flair for creating an interesting and educational food blog.

Lore at Natural Cuisine posts in English and Romanian. She includes her personal preferences and beginners' tips. Her Sweet Potato Donuts are what threw her into the blogging world. I want to try her Meatless Cordon Bleu!

You already heard about Mrs. W.'s Kitchen, because I tagged her, but she does have an EXCELLENT food blog, so I don't want to bypass her just because she was tagged.

Holly has started a brand new roundup at Art You Can Eat. Each month's winner chooses the next month's theme for creative, artsy, edible entries. It's fun, diverse and you'll get to meet lots of interesting bloggers.

I'm a Parisian in California and if you want to see the flip side of that, an American in Paris, visit Emily at Tomato Kumato.

Passionate About Baking is from India and she shares other types of cooking too, such as Lamb Curry with Stir-Fried Cauliflower.

Cakelaw is a lawyer in Australia and shows all sorts of foods from her kitchen, not just cakes at Kitchen Law.

Gloria at Canela's Kitchen is from Chile and she also posts about her travels. She's really sweet and interesting to read.

Who says you need a large kitchen for international culinary delights? Not Kevin at Closet Cooking who has a tiny kitchen in Canada.

So there you have it. Ten EXCELLENT blogs and their creators from all over the world. I guess I can't hide that in addition to loving food, I also love to travel. :-)

Here's the rules to the award:
  • Find at least 10 more blogs of any kind which you deem to be excellent;
  • Post about which blogs you picked, linking to me and to them;
  • Once you've posted, return here to let me know your post is up, and of course let your 10 award winners know too.

That's all there is to it, but we each get to make ten more people happy and we all get to discover some EXCELLENT blogs. If this is your first time at Joy Of Desserts, please have a look around and make yourself comfortable. This is a fun blog all about desserts. I hope you will all return often.


  1. Thank you Joy...I am honoured! I feel great coz this is the second time I've got it; the first was from Susan @ Food Blogga. Thank you SO MUCH for thinking about me & my passion. I love your choice of blogs around the world...will let you know when I pass them on. GRACIAS!!

  2. Joy I can't believe it :). I'm honoured you thought about my blog! I think I'm in a shock...can't find my words.
    It will be a tough job to choose other bloggers and pass it on.

  3. Thanks Joy, I really appreciate it,You are so nice. I will try to make the post soon and choose the Blogs. xxxxGloria
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Looks like a lot of great food bloggers out there. I will try some.

  5. Thanks so much Joy - the award is greatly appreciated.

  6. Dear Joy I made, I made, at last. So busy days.
    If you want to look lovely new sites come to my blog. Again Thanks by all.xxxGloria

  7. thank you so much for this award, joy... it made my week! i'm honored to be in such great company.

  8. I've posted the award and given it out to some others here.

  9. Joy I've finally blogged about the award and passed it on to other great 10 bloggers. Hope my list was worth waiting for :)


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