Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sweet Honey Tastes Oh So Good

The Bible does not steer us wrong and tells us honey is sweet and good for us too. Take a look below at the amazing benefits of honey and I've also included a recipe for a High Energy Kiwi Honey Breakfast Smoothie.

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Look at all the benefits and the yummy goodness and you'll understand why I love honey.

1. Honey is the only food to provide all necessary substances including vitamins and antioxidants to sustain life -- even water;
2. Yet it is fat free, cholesterol free and sodium free;
3. The antioxidant pinocembrin is only found in honey;
4. Honey found in King Tut's tomb was still edible because it never spoils;
5. Honey has calming properties and will help you fall asleep. Add it to chamomile or verbena herbal teas and you will be in Morpheus' arms in no time;
6. Honey is also an energy booster, providing two types of sugars -- one fast acting for an immediate boost and the other slowly released for sustained energy;
7. During World War I, honey mixed with cod liver oil was used to dress soldiers' wounds as it speeds healing, fights infection and minimizes scarring;
8. The antimicrobial properties of honey inhibit bacteria, yeast and mold;
9. Honey is 25 percent sweeter than regular sugar;
10. Honey can clear common cold sinus congestion;
11. Honey is an anti-irritant;
12. Honey moisturizes and hydrates skin;
13. Honey is a natural skin exfoliant.

High Energy Kiwi Honey Breakfast Smoothie

Ingredients For One Serving
1 kiwi peeled and quartered
1/2 Cup strawberries washed and hulled
1 Cup plain yogurt
3 Tablespoons honey
4 Tablespoons orange juice

Add all ingredients to your blender and mix until smooth. Serve immediately.


  1. I just found your blog from WFW. I LOVE it! I am addicted to sweets and have weaned myself off of cakes, cookies etc., for a little while. Thank you for sharing about the honey and the honey smoothie recipe! I have all of the ingredients and will give this a try soon.

  2. So now you've got verses and songs going through my head about Honey!! Have a wonderful week...

  3. that smoothie recipe looks great! and i love the picture for the verse! it's so true!
    Thanks for participating today! :)

  4. Welcome to WFW! What a perfect photo you've chosen for the verse, and I love the way you tied it all into your blog's theme. Thanks for the honey info, and the recipe! ;o)

  5. I love this verse and picture. And, it's so great that you included all the good things about honey. Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Raw, local honey is said to do even more - it's supposed to work on your allergies.

    The smoothie looks wonderful - we'll have to give it a go!

  7. That's a great list. I didn't now honey is an exfoliant. We sure do depend on those honey bees for lots of wonderful things. God bless.

  8. HIGH FIVE!!

    LOW FIVE!!

    I'm a beekeeper!! Happy dance!!

    There's other stuff about honey too - it's a major part of the new fertility diet. Because bees evolved a long long long time before us, we have natural receptors which tell us when to STOP eating it - unlike sugar. You can't over eat it.

    And, honey from well loved kept bees tastes soooo much better than honey from bee havers.

  9. I used to be given honey as a child as a special treat, but I never could stand it. Still can't. However it's very interesting to rad abut all its qualities. We need to be worried about why the honey bees are dying out at an alarming rate. It's estimated they will be extinct in another generation.

  10. What perfect timing! I bought two different types of honey today. Clover, for the Tour Manager and a limited edition Blueberry blossom. Why not try something new?

  11. What a cute idea for a blog! My mouth is watering just reading it.

  12. Wow. I recently read how bad honey is, but I sure like the scripture. Good to know. Happy TT :)

  13. Have you ever had killer bee honey?

    The Pink Flamingo

  14. That picture of honey is amazing! I will have to try the recipe :) Happy TT!

  15. thanks for the recipe I will tryit in the morning i lovehoney

  16. I'm fond of honey, but my teeth and my blood sugar aren't, sadly. Yum, honey. Oh, honey...Sighhhhh.

    13 Hearts

  17. Love your blog!

    We buy "local" honey to boost our fight against possible allergies! I'm not sure if it works because we aren't consistent, but it certainly can't hurt!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck in my book drawing! Your suggestion of using a crock pot to save time was mentioned by others who commented, so I'm going to do another book drawing next week and ask that the entries be crock pot recipes!


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