Monday, October 10, 2011

Calling all dessert recipes! Come to the linky party!

Welcome back to Monday, Mmmm ... Dessert, a linky party where you can share your dessert recipe posts. Below are just a few of the great desserts which caught my eye from last week's participants.

The Sweet Swiper shared an Asian Pear Cake Recipe.

Did you know that when pureed, frozen bananas have the same texture as soft serve ice cream?
This Chocolate Banana "Ice Cream" was shared by the Sensitive Economist.

This Chocolate Chip Butter Pound Cake was shared by Create With Joy.

A warm welcome to our group to Lynnie at Three Girlies who shared these 

Leave your link for Monday, Mmm ... Dessert. Don't get deleted! Just follow the easy rules.

For basic linky party etiquette you MUST:

  • Follow the linky party theme;
  • Link directly to your participating posts;
  • Link back to Joy of Desserts on each participating post (NOT a different page);
  • Don't just link and run. Do your best to visit fellow participants, and leave them a comment.
Thank you! Have a great Monday!

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  1. Hi Joy! Thanks so much for featuring my Asian Pear Cake! This week I've brought some apple bread nd two kinds of cookies. Have a fantastic week!

  2. Everything looks so yummy today! Thanks so much for hosting another lovely party :)

  3. Oh, those sound so wonderful! Even tasty desserts are part of a healthy life style.

  4. Hi, Joy! Thanks so much for featuring my chocolate banana "ice cream." It is amazing that a frozen banana can turn into a tasty dessert. And I appreciate your kind words. This week I am sharing a recipe fir peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that are sweetened with maple syrup. Have a happy Monday! --Alissa

  5. my mouth about hit the floor viewing the features and reading the links! YUM...ok I have to say the chocolate pnb cookies...OMG! Thx for hosting.

  6. Joy what wonderful desserts to choose from. We are so excited to be having our first give away on Tuesday. Come over and visit. We would love for you to be a winner.

  7. Hi Sweet Joy! Thank you for all of your kind comments and prayers for me that I cherish tremendously! I am not out of the woods yet regarding the issue in my life, but am taking things day by day. Thank you for your prayers that I firmly believe are answered in the right way at the right time. I'm sending love your way for good things to return you! I haven't blogged much, just getting back into it slowly. Blessings to you! Roz

  8. Thanks for the party Joy. Always fun to look at the entries......have a great week andi

  9. Oh wow! Thank you for featuring my recipe on your blog! Hopefully I can join you again soon. Until then, I put your blog button on my blog sidebar!

  10. Hi Joy, thank you for stopping by my blog and joining. I am a newbie at this whole recipe blogging linking party. I know it says to link back to your blog. So the recipes I posted do I put you blog button in the recipe blog that I listed? Please help so I know I do this right!!!! I actually found you from another person's blog that had your button, it wasn't Roz's but how funny we both have her in common! You are all great my fellow bloggers!


  11. Thanks for hosting a linky party! This is my second linky party so this is very exciting... I always mess up on the name part; I guess there's a learning curve.

  12. Thank you all.
    Annamaria: Yes, you can put my blog button on your participating posts, or you can use a text hyperlink on your posts.

    Heather: I'm glad you are trying to link up at Joy of Desserts. :-) I tried to fix/add your link, but you also linked to your blog rather than your post, so I don't know which dessert recipe you want to be linked since none of your recipes were linked back to any hostess either. Email me if you need step-by-step help on how to participate in linky parties. I would be happy to help you.


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