Monday, August 29, 2011

Mmm ... Dessert Linky Party

Welcome back to my weekly dessert recipe linky. You linked up some great recipes last week, and below is just a sampling. Thank you to all the great bloggers for sharing their recipes with the world and linking at Joy of Desserts.

Please remember basic blogging etiquette. I don't want to have to delete anyone's great links. If you want to link a giveaway, please use my Giveaway 24/7 Page, don't do it here, and please link up desserts only.

Click on the photos below to get to the recipes.

First up, look at these beautiful flower cupcakes which Kirsten of The Sweet Swiper made for her son's teachers. She'll tell you how she made them, and even how to package them for a sweet thank you gift.


This Sweet Southern Rice Pudding was brought to us by Tammie (and Alyssa) at Carolina Heart Strings. It's full of goodness. There's sweetened condensed milk, raisins and cinnamon.  It's delicious, you won't regret making it.


This Strawberry Champagne Chiller is for your elegant tea parties and brought to us by Trish of Sweetology. You can make it with ginger ale if you are serving children or anyone opposed to a little bit of Champagne.

"Name This Pie" Pie! It doesn't have a name yet, but this chocolate pie looks so good, you'll want to make it. It also has a wee bit of alcohol. In this case, it is "Bailey's Irish Cream With a Hint of Coffee" and it is Mrs. Mama Hen's creation. While you are visiting her blog, take a look at those beautiful, orange egg yolks. That's what real egg yolks should look like. She raises her own chickens so she gets top quality eggs.


This is a peach ice cream with delicious, all natural ingredients made with honey rather than sugar. I'm a big fan of using honey or other natural sweeteners like maple. What I don't like are man-made chemical sweeteners in my desserts, but there aren't any of those in this dessert or in The Sensitive Economist's blog recipes.


And since it's been so hot here, and we all love chocolate and ice cream, I'm also highlighting this recipe from The Winelady Cooks. No, there is no wine in this recipe, but there is creamy sweetened condensed milk and a bit of coffee.


Do you make your own puddings, or do you use boxes? It's so easy to fall for the box trap, but homemade pudding is not difficult to prepare. SugarBeam of SugarBeams and Other Half Baked Adventures shares three easy pudding recipes with us for this layered pudding. There's a Dark Chocolate Pudding, a White Chocolate Pudding and Peanut Butter Pudding. They'll make a great dessert together or each one individually.

Wishing everyone a great day,

If you follow basic linky party etiquette, I thank you. All your hostesses and fellow bloggers will appreciate it and you will benefit too. You will find that you are helping your own blogs become more popular and helping the foodie community remain a friendly community. Because of those who don't follow such etiquette, I'm saddened to say that for the first time in almost 4 years of blogging, I will have to resort to deleting those who abuse the use of the linky parties here at Joy of Desserts. For basic linky party etiquette you MUST: Follow the linky party theme; link directly to your participating posts; link back to all your hostesses on each participating post (NOT a different page), and don't just link and run. Please do your best to visit fellow participants and leave them a comment. Thank you!

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Cinnamon Apples (Canned)
Butterfinger Blondies
Glazed Lemon Bars
Super Blueberry Lemon Muffins

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my marshmallow flower cupcakes! They were so much fun to make! I've brought some cookies and cupcakes this week. Have a fantastic week!!

  2. Thank you for featuring my peach ice cream this week! I am honored to be included with other delicious desserts! This week I am sharing a recipe for cinnamon raisin buns without yeast or refined sugars; I hope you enjoy them. Have a great day. --Alissa

  3. This is my first time to your yummy blog and this linky.....thank you so much for hosting it and for having me.

    The cupcakes are gorgeous and the pudding looks so delicious and pretty.

    I ma linking up my decadent Chestnut truffles. Hope you enjoy them.

    ~Bibi @ Frugal Wannabe Cooks~

  4. Hi Joy! The features look so good! The pudding is my favorite :) I've linked up our Peach Cobbler this week - thanks for hostessing! -Cares

  5. Everything looks and sounds so scrumptious, Joy. I just haven't made anything sweet lately to join your party! I still like reading everyone else's creations though!

  6. I love to check out all the yummy desserts every week! Thanks so much for hosting!

  7. Thanks for hosting! Those cupcakes are gorgeous.

    I started my own linky party on Tuesdays ( Crazy Sweet Tuesdays) and would love for you to link up sometime!

  8. Thanks for hosting... all of these desserts look wonderful, I love Peach flavored anything, I will have to check out that recipe!


  9. Thanks so much for choosing rice pudding recipe. You are the best!

  10. Thank you for hosting. I am looking for some great new recipes to help our boring meals. Hope you have a good week.


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