Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wanted! Your Ice Cream Recipes For A Round Up

I scream, you scream,
we all scream for ice scream!

Your ice cream recipes are wanted!

Join me for a delightfully cool round up of ice creams, gelatos, sorbets, sherberts, granites, frozen yogurts and any ice cream-like confections on July 18, 2008.

Just post your recipes anytime until July 18, 2008, come back to this blog on July 18th to link to it so that we may all visit you. You can even link to recipes you have already posted. Add this button to your participating posts and link to this blog. Your blog can be in any language, but a translator on your site will help any who don't speak the same language.

Help me spread the news by adding this button to your sidebars with a link to this post.

July is National Ice Cream Month
July 18th is National Ice Cream Day
Let's Celebrate Together!

Keep cool and tell a friend!


  1. I like it! I am going to try and borrow my girlfriend's ice cream maker.

  2. ooooooooooooooooooh I'm going to go digging in my recipe pile for my ice cream recipes - we loooooooooooooooove ice cream around here.

  3. Thank you Andy and Tamy! I am so glad you like it and want to participate. It's going to be so much fun. I can't wait. :-)

  4. Bonsoir Joy.

    J'aime bien tes commentaires dans mon blog. Je peux participer a cet event si beau des glaces. Qu'est ce que je dois faire.
    Merci bien et à bientôt

  5. It's all you fault (LOL) we're sitting here waiting (anxiously) for a batch of ice cream to finish.

  6. Tamy: LOL, but I'll bet your ice cream will be worth the wait. :-)
    Oh, now I'm the one who is anxiously waiting ...

  7. Tartasacher: Voici ce qu'il faut faire.
    1) Ecris sur ton blog une/des recette(s) de glace avant le 18 Juillet; 2) Ajoute le bouton/lien "We scream for ice cream" qui dirige a mon blog; 3) Le 18 Juillet, viens sur mon blog pour mettre ton/tes lien(s) pour tes recettes de facon que nous puissions tous venir te voir. Facile!

    J'apprecierais aussi si tu mettais un bouton/lien "We scream for ice cream" sur ton blog, des aujourd'hui pour mettre au courant d'autres "bloggeurs."

  8. Cool! Love the picture you created! The theme for Scrumptious Sunday for July 13, 2008 is Ice Cream in honor of National Ice Cream Month. Maybe that can help you out! I will post your pic at Mercedes Rocks!

  9. Thank you for the compliment about the picture and thank you for putting it on your website. Mercedes, you rock! Glad your July 13th Scrumptious Sunday will be ice cream. :-)

  10. Bonsoir Joy.
    J'ai déjà laisse le logo des glaces dans mon blog. Je ferai plusieurs entrées ces jous avec des glaces et je laisserai mes links dans ton blog le 18 juillet. C'est ça ¿non?. Aujourd'hui je fais une entrée avec un glace de "dulce de leche" doux du lait. Je participarai avec plusieurs recettes sûrement. J'aime bien les glaces. S'il y a une autre chose ue je dois savoir je t'en prie que tu me le dites.

    Sweet dreams best and whises.

  11. Not sure I'll be making my own ice cream soon...I'm to busy buying tubs making ice cream desserts and drinks!

  12. Hey Joy~you should head on over to Confessions of an Apron Queen for a vintage apron giveaway! Thought you might be interested in this!


  13. ooooh I love ice cream! I will definately post this one.


  14. I've got a tart cherry frozen yogurt recipe up on my blog (6/26/08 entry, titled "Real") that your readers may enjoy.

    Three cheers for frozen desserts!

  15. Joy, are you doing a roundup of this event, or do we just do a Mr.Linky when you do the post?

  16. It's a roundup. I won't be using Mr. Linky. Just post your recipe(s) anytime until July 18, 2008. Link to my blog so that your readers can find other participants. I'll have the ice cream roundup post on the 18th and everyone participating can leave a comment with one or more links directly to their own ice cream post(s), not their profile or main page. Look above at Mercedes' June 17th comment where she links directly to a post from the Apron Queen. This is exactly what we will do. I'll have the directions for anyone who doesn't know how to do that. It is easy. In addition, I will manually add participant links to my own post so that everyone can get a blog reaction too.

  17. Thanks, Joy. I just wanted to make sure--I'll be submitting my entry tomorrow.

  18. Here is my entry... looking forward to the roundup! :)

  19. Bonjour Joy, J'aime bine qu'il te plait le petit cadeau, que j'ai pour vous. Aujourd'ui je viens pour te laisser otus mes entrées avec des recettes des glaces.

    Voilà les liens:

    Helados de crema

    Helado de albaricoque

    Banana split

    Helado de vainilla, fresa y chocolate

    Helado de dulce de leche

    Copa Mil Postres


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