Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Raisins From Biblical Days To Television Days

Thirteen Facts About Raisins
  1. Raisins are cholesterol-free;
  2. Low in sodium;
  3. Fat-free;
  4. Rich source of antioxidants;
  5. Four pounds of fresh grapes produce one pound of raisins;
  6. Raisin juice is a pure extract of raisins;
  7. It is a natural substitute for preservatives;
  8. It sweetens and colors natural baking goods;
  9. It can be used as a sugar substitute;
  10. Raisin paste is used in fillings for fine confections;
  11. Raisin paste inhibits molds;
  12. Raisin paste also extends shelf-life;
  13. Enhances flavor.

Just for fun,
here is a California Raisins commercial
with Ray Charles on the piano and singing.


  1. Hehe, what a great theme you have today for your 'word-filled wed'!! :) Happy days!

  2. Gram made the BEST raisin cake in a cookie...oh you made me think of these....
    great verse...
    just as I clicked to comment I saw the big ol' NUTELLA jar...HUGE Nutella fans my people are!!
    I'm going to read that one!

    love this place you have here!!

  3. Awesome Girl, Awesome!!

    You should write a scripture theme book or cookbook!!

  4. Ok so now I think I'd like to try a raisen cake. Blessings...

  5. I love your mention of the Bible verse - even though I've read it, it never "clicked" like it did when I read it here. Thanks! Power to the raisin! :)

  6. we love raisins here! one of our favorites! interesting facts! thanks!

  7. Love the picture... of course, how could you not love a picture of food! LOL!

    Seriously, though, this is great and the scripture is perfect!

    Blessing to you!

  8. I love your picture! Thanks for the information--I learned a lot about raisins!

  9. I love raisons but only eat organic ones - otherwise I think of them as little packets of pesticides - ew. (I know I'm such a weirdo!)

    Happy TT!

  10. Something that is good for you that actually tastes good! I love them; can sit munching them by the handful.

  11. Raisins and celery are the only two foods on this planet that this vegetarian will not touch. But your list makes me think again....Very interesting!

  12. I love the kind of food that tastes great and is also good for you!
    Thanks for sharing the facts :)


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